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5 things TO DO Pre-wedding for Perfect Look

Planning a dream wedding is not easy. Being a bride, you want everything to be just perfect and up to the mark. To achieve your goals, you work like a crazy person day and night. Eventually, you forget to take care of your own body, skin, and hair. Always remember, you will be the star of your wedding. Yes, no one else but you! Each pair of eyes is going to set on you and your glowing skin. So, don't compromise in that.

This blog is a gentle reminder. Here you will get our best five pre-wedding beauty tips that may turn out as a lifesaver. Ready? Have a look. You are going to thank us later. ;)

1. Cleansing, Toning, Moisturising

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Follow this routine EVERYDAY WITHOUT FAIL. Many brides don't understand how much important is the CTM! This process helps you to keep your face clean and dirt-free. It is essential to have clear skin to look glowing and youthful. This routine also keeps the pores open so that your skin breath better.

2. Regular Cleanups or Facials

Start getting monthly facials from at least three to six months before the wedding day. If you don't have that much time left, you can also go for the bi-weekly sessions. Visit us for more details regarding various types of facials. We can guide you according to your skin type and complexion. Also, never go out of your house without applying sunscreen. You should keep yourself tan free at least till the honeymoon. ;)

3. Hair Care and Spa

Please please please don't ignore your hair care. They need as much attention as your face needs. Fix your hair spa appointments in a salon that uses good quality products. Get a deeply nourishing and relaxing hair spa at least once a month. Apart from that, you can also try some homemade masks and remedies according to your hair types.

4. Mani and Pedi

Okay, this is an entirely personal choice. Many brides don't book their manicure and pedicure because they think that they don't need it. Well, that's okay! But being professionals, we suggest you not to miss these sessions before your wedding. This process will help you to get rid of the dry skin on your hands and feet, which is equally important. You can do it bi-weekly or monthly.

5. Exercises and Meditation

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If you think that you are unable to hit the gym, that's fine. But at least, do take a walk for 30 minutes a day or do Yoga at home. Light exercises and meditation are the most convenient yet effective ways to reduce stress and anxieties. Spare a few minutes for yourself and think positive. Accept yourself the way you are! Breath in and breath out. Breath in and breath out.

Apart from these tips, there are a lot of other stuff such as drink enough water, eat fruits, don't forget to have your veggies before any meals, cut down your sugar intake, etc. etc. But, you are smart enough to figure out what is THE BEST for you. :) Just trust us, and start taking actions. We hope you will have a faadu wedding and your groom just can't get his eyes off from you. ;)

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