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BEARD CARE : 8 Ways you can optimize your Beard!

Updated: Jan 5, 2019

Beard growing has never been an easy sprint. These 8 Beard Care Tips will keep your facial hair look dazzling :

1) First and Foremost - Be patient :

A truly epic beard is the product of self-restraint. When you first start growing, resist the urge to trim or style, and leave it untouched for the first 4-6 weeks. This will allow the hairs to grow evenly (some may grow faster than others) and thus help you pick a style that suits its length and thickness.

2) Match your face to your Face Shape :

After you've kept your beard untouched for 4-6 weeks, now consult this Handy Chart and choose a final style that complements your face shape.

3) Know when and How to Trim :

Trimming is essential to a well-groomed beard even if you plan on growing it out. Invest in a good quality trimmer. A regular trim will maintain your chosen shape, but it’s not the only way to keep your beard in line. A daily rubdown with a comb or beard brush will wrangle stubborn hairs, training them to grow in a downward direction.

4) Wash Regularly :

This is especially important in the early stages of growth, when trapped food and skin cells can worsen the itchiness. Scrub your beard several times each week with a specialized cleanser, then gently pat them dry because vigorous toweling can lead to frizz and split ends.

5) Use Beard Oil :

Nothing tames a beard like regular use of beard oil. There are many varieties to choose from, in a range of manly scents, but all of them will condition hairs to make them softer and shinier.

6) Don't forget the moustache :

Growing an epic beard also means growing a epic moustache. To keep it looking neat, trim the area around your philthrum (the area under your nose) with a pair of grooming scissors, and keep it naturally sculpted with a medium-hold wax.

7) Diet and Supplements :

Your beard is made from protein and fat, but it’s also heavily reliant on Vitamins B5, B3, and B9. That means lean meats, nuts, egg yolks, milk, and plenty of leafy greens. If you’re seriously committed, you can also round up your diet with a good supplement.

8) Get plenty of rest and relaxation :

Sleep is important as it allows cells to repair and regenerate - which is essential for healthy hair growth. Your overall health and well-being depends on getting enough sleep, so you should try your best to get 7-8 hours of good quality sleep each night. You should also try to minimize your stress levels as much as possible, as high stress levels have been linked with hair loss.

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