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How to protect your hair from Pollution?

When we think of the ill effects of pollution, the first thing we want to protect is our skin. But pollution can be equally harmful for the hair which needs equal protection.

We all know about the ill-effects of pollution and how damaging it can be to our hair and skin. So rather than delving into that, we’re going to get straight to the point and show you how to protect hair from pollution. So that your dream of having long, beautiful hair is more than just a dream.

  • Here are 8 Hair Care Tips which will help you to save your hair from Pollution:

1) Always cover your hair before stepping out into the sun. The outer cuticles of the hair are prone to extensive sun damage and this is one of the main causes for dullness and dryness. You can use this as an excuse to accessorize with a great hat or scarf.

2) Do not step out with oily or wet hair as these attract dust and dirt particles which will stick to your hair. Tie your hair close to your head, preferably in a bun. But remember not too tie it too tightly and preferably use cloth scrunchies rather than hair-tugging bands.

3) Spray a hair sunscreen all over the hair and especially the tips to protect it from harmful UV rays. Sunscreen also helps hair retain its shine and texture.

4) Take a weekly hair steam preferably after the shampoo; this will open the pores of your scalp and thoroughly rid the hair of any deep rooted polluted particles.

5) Shampoo and condition your hair regularly to keep it clean from dirt-attracting oiliness. Use a shampoo and conditioner from the same line as these are formulated to solve the same problem.

6) Take a deep conditioning hair spa once a week to prevent dryness, strengthen hair strands and fill up on extra nutrients which make hair healthy.

7) Increase your protein intake by adding fish, leafy vegetables, nuts, yogurt and fresh fruits in your diet.

8) Do not apply henna(mehandi) or any home made hair packs as this will coat your hair strands and block your natural ingredients which is provided by your scalp to the hair.

Now let’s see if pollution has the guts to come anywhere near you.

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