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Trending Bridal Haircuts This Wedding Season

While everyone is busy talking about hairstyles, we wanted to start with the basics. Why doesn't anyone ask which type of haircut is the most suitable for an Indian bride? Well, to have your dream hairstyle on your wedding day, it is essential to have the perfect hair. If you're busy figuring out a million things about your marriage, we'll give you one less thing to worry about: your bridal haircuts.

This article will give you the best options that are suitable for any hair type. Whether you have straight hair, curly hair, short hair, or long hair, here you can find the perfect cut for your fairy tale wedding. Also, you can get your haircut done with Chameleon Styling Lounge today, tomorrow, before 7 days of your events, or even 2 days before marriage. It's up to you. Let's start?

1. Natural Inversions For ‘Wavy Hair’

The majority of the brides want to have 'bun' at their wedding. In professional language, we know such hairstyles as 'Up Do.' It is one of the most popular hairstyles as it showcases the perfect Dupatta design and does not cover the face make up. If you are thinking of having up-do just like Cinderella on your dream day, you should undoubtedly go for Natural Inversions. Natural inversion is a cut of straight inward lines on a steeper angle. This cut is suitable for any hair type - straight, wavy, or curly. But, it is specifically used to add width to wavy hair. The shape is designed to maintain long length, soften the front-line hair, and compliment your face shape.

2. Forward Graduation For ‘Straight Hair’

Many people don't differentiate between Natural Inversions and Forward Graduation haircut. But as Natural Inversion is more convenient for wavy hair, you can consider Forward Graduation for straight hair. It is a cut where weight is built up within the shape or the external line. It is a gradual progression of lengths from short to long. You can cut it at any length, and the long straight hair can give some fantastic feels after graduation. It also gives you complete control of the outcome and shapes. By adjusting your angle or elevation, you can create low, medium, or high graduation.

3. One Length Variation For ‘Curly Hair’

We love to work with curls. Yes, they are quite unmanageable and require a lot of effort, but they worth it. Aren't they? Bride with curly hair is 'goals.' Curls look adorable, but there are a very few haircuts that are suitable for curly hair. If you, too, have curly hair and unable to decide the haircut, then this is the one: Uncontroversial and widely accepted 'One Length Haircut.' As the name suggests, one length haircut is like cutting the hair to the same perimeter length from the natural fall. The hairstylist will comb the hair down and cut ends without disturbing the natural position of your hair. There will be no elevation, which makes your curl definition look extraordinary. Using this cut, you can opt for any bridal hairstyles. Visit us for more details. We can suggest you some of the best hairstyles according to your face and hair type.

4. Square Layers For 'Below Shoulders'

Nowadays, we love to keep our hair short. Long hair needs extra care and attention, and we don't get enough time because of our busy schedules. Apart from that, we also love to do various experiments with our hair. But when it comes to a wedding, we can't settle for the less. Many customers ask us about short hair cuts, and we always suggest Square Layers or Round Layers. If you have a length of below the shoulders, then you can choose 'Square Layers.' It will look great and help magically to create different hairstyles on your special occasions.

5. Round Layers For 'Above Shoulders'

Okay, don't have length below the shoulder? No worries. 'Round Layers Haircut' is there for the rescue. Be the change and become a rare bride with 'the hair up to the shoulder.' We can make you feel like a princess that doesn't care to have long hair. Lobs and bobs are short, sophisticated, and surprisingly low maintenance haircuts. No matter which type of texture you have, a chin-length cut is going to provide some extra swag. Be wild. Be free. Be unique. Be you.

We still have plenty of ideas regarding haircuts and hairstyles. But, we understand how stuck are you with your wedding planners. So, Visit us or call us in your free time to discuss more cuts and styles. Keep calm and spare some time for your relaxation, Lady!

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