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Hair Care Tips

Have you ever noticed your hair could be in bad situation due to Water quality?

If you usually get a bad hair day then first check out on these factor and help your hair to get their Good days back.

Have you ever noticed that the condition of your hair can worsen due to change of city / area?

The reason for this may have to do with the water quality in your area and if you have experienced it, you most likely moved from a place with soft water to an area with hard water.

Throughout the day, our hair is exposed to many things and the point-of washing it is to remove the buildup of pollution, dirt, styling products and more...

if your water contains a high level of mineral content, it"s not getting the hair as clean as it should be . those minerals also create their own film and build up which can not leave your hair feeling lackluster, but can also effect the cleanliness of your scalp.

The continued buildup of this minerals on the hair and scalp can cause your hair to be dull , frizzy,limp,and lifeless, lastly, they can cause the hair cuticale to lift which makes hair unmanageable and dry.

"stay tuned for more tips on hair and skin"

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